Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Win Your Next Book! The Travelling MCT Books Contest

MCT is re-commencing our blog activities with a bang with a fun 'Travelling MCT Books' contest.

We are going to buy 5 lucky winners of this contest the next book he or she wants to read.  The only caveat is, you cannot keep the book. After reading the book, you have to write about this fun MCT activity on the inner and back covers of the book and launch the book out into the world by leaving it in a crowded place, like a mall or a railway station.

What do we want to write on the book cover? That whoever next picks up the book and reads it should:
1. Log on to our blog and leave a message where in the world our book is. We will have a form on the blog to enter the title of the book and the street, city and country where the book currently is. It will be great if they can leave a selfie with the book also, if possible.
2. After reading the book, the reader must then re-launch the book into the world again by leaving it in a busy place like a mall or a train station.

So we are going to launch 5 MCT books into the world and watch where in the world they are as they travel!

To enter the contest all you need to do is to send us the next book you want to read (the title and the author) and your contact details. Each book suggestion can only be entered once; we shall accept nominations on a first-come-fist-serve basis and we shall email and ask for a different suggestions if the book you pick has already been nominated.  Please pick a mystery, crime or suspense book, a classic, or popular general fiction book.

At the end of 2 weeks the MCT moderators will shortlist up to 25 of the books entered and randomly pick the 5 winners.  The MCT moderators will launch these 5 MCT books out into the world by buying and sending the 5 winners' books to them by post.

To enter the contest, enter your book nomination - giving the title and the author of the book - using the form at the top of the right-hand bar of the blog or email it to us at:

Also, be sure to become a member of the blog using one of the "Members" tools and the "Follow by Email" tool in the right-hand bar.  We make all our announcement by blog-posts or emails to the subscription list. So please become subscribers to the blog to make sure you don't miss anything.

We will list the nominated books in this post periodically.

Let's have some fun!