Saturday, 26 September 2015

Review: The 7th Month by Lisa Gardner

A novella.

Publisher: Headline Books, Hachette
Rating: 3.5*

Being pregnant and in the 7th month, Sgt. Detective D.D. Warren find herself working behind a desk with paperwork and she isn’t that thrilled to be out of the action. On one such boring day an unexpected opportunity shows up and she has a chance to consult on a movie about police investigation details so that the actors who play cops would be believable and as accurate as possible. 

However, things turn out to be a bit more serious when the previous consultant, a retired policeman, is found killed; also the presence of an FBI agent as an actor is a surprise to Warren.

Warren feels apprehension (that she doesn’t like to admit even to herself--be careful not to say that in her presence) thinking about the future and inevitably moving in with Alex, the father of her child, and worries how her new family will affect her career. There is humor in the book which is less observable in Lisa Gardner's other books.

Within the story, between the chapters, there is advice on how to kill, choose a victim, and your weapon . . . and of course what to do with the body. Who knows what the future holds?  So a must read for everyone, especially if killing, or getting inside the killer's head to catch one, is in your job description.

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Reviewed for MCT by Arnis K.

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